Mold Damage
Mold Damage Restoration Boise, Idaho

When mold infestation occurs, the Treasure Valley depends on us for our expert services.

Mold can be a result of damp environments or an event of prolonged water exposure in a home. Either way, mold growth can easily flourish and develop when left untreated. As mold can produce allergens, irritants, and other health issues, homeowners must treat their mold infestation seriously. At Restoration Authorities, we are highly trained in mold remediation and restoration. Our technicians will inspect the source of mold, assess the severity, and begin the remediation process. We are always considerate of homeowners and perform the safest, quickest, removal process to ensure minimum interruption to their daily lives.

Rapid Mold Response Team

As a locally owned and operated business, we have a sincere connection with our community. When we get a call about mold growth, we dedicate our efforts to responding as fast as possible. At Restoration Authorities, our certified technicians treat mold like what it is – a toxin. Every day, we strive to help citizens live safer and healthier lives by providing our restoration services. If you suspect a minor or major mold situation, you can trust that we’ll be on our way.

  • Brad was great to work with! He was reliable and responsive to any questions we had. Highly recommend!
    Gayle R.

If you know or suspect that mold is thriving in your home, call (208) 321-5520 today!